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Sinful Sex?
He lays me down & spreads me out on his bed.
He tells me he wants to relieve my stress & help me rest my head.
He runs his fingers through my hair & he kisses my lips,
He takes away the tension by playing with me below my hips.
As my legs are up high in the air,
I feel like I have no worries or cares.
He plays me so hard I let out a slight yell,
& I wonder if something this good will put me in hell.
:iconrosebud1313:Rosebud1313 339 272
To feel.
We drift in silence on wings of red
dripping wine and lust from the feathered bed,
the torn up mattress littered with stains
like the tears of the thighs and the ones from your head,
when my fingers are talons and still you beg
for the scratch and the grasp until love is just dregs
at the end of the shot glass when you've taken the pain
and now all that is left is to open your legs.
I wear your halo around my wrists,
bound behind my back as your scent comes in drifts
the perfume of heat and the blood on your neck,
on my column you crumble until your tears are mist,
where were the days when it was my lips you kissed
and you'd paint me with love and the skill of an artist,
we'd cry as we made less than love in this wreck
and drink to forget that love was what we promised.
You curl up beside me at the end of the night,
though the damage is done, it's all been done right,
a bead of my blood is clenched in your fist,
you wipe away the sweat obscuring my sight,
in the darkness there's warmth
:iconcompanyindeath:CompanyInDeath 7 3
sunshower by agnes-cecile sunshower :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 3,052 74 warm breeze by agnes-cecile warm breeze :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 3,267 64 EOS by agnes-cecile EOS :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 2,120 64 Medusa by Ironshod Medusa :iconironshod:Ironshod 4,789 356
Just a shop worker Sam x Shy!Reader
Throwing on her favourite black hoodie, she rubbed her wrists and tugged on some sneakers. She slipped on some glasses and grabbed the flask which contained coffee, the waking beverage.
Soft, autumn leaves fell before her, scattered across the floor. She was going back to the bunker with Team Free Will. Nervous was an understatement. It was her day back after being submitted into intensive care at the hospital after a rowdy hunt. Vampires and wendigos weren't the nicest things to go against alone. Now she had a scar going from her back to her chest, twirling.
Oh she may be weary
Them young girls they do get wearied
Wearing that same old miniskirt dress
But when she gets weary

She was nervous as hell, Sam was a big crush of hers and he always kept an eye on her, sharing the first genuine laugh and smile with her.
Shaking her head, she was oblivious to the fact that he loved her dearly and would do anything for her.
Clouds cleared the air and the ho
:iconminxif:Minxif 147 15
She's beautiful (Castiel x Winchester!Reader)
She's beautiful ( Castiel x Winchester!Reader + Brother!Dean&Sam)
(y/n) = your name (example: Ellie)
(e/c) = your eye color/colour (example: green)
(h/c) = your hair color/colour (example: black)

Castiel was confused. The reaction of his vessel when he saw you – the fast beating of his heart – his thoughts – He shouldn't have those filthy thoughts – thinking about you that way – it was wrong. He was an angel – it was so very wrong and at the same time it felt so right – so utterly right. It had all just started when he first saw you, when your brother had introduced you to him.
”(y/n) this is Castiel – he got me out of hell” Dean's voice made you turn your head in his direction. You smiled at the man.
“Nice to meet you Cas – Like my brother said I'm (y/n)!” you said cheerful. Castiel's heart started to beat in an unhealthy rhythm.  His cheeks turned red and he gulped. In that moment you seemed
:iconthunderofshadow:ThunderofShadow 833 98
Breathe me (Castiel x reader)
WARNING: this has suicidal attempts and depression in it, DON'T SAY THAT I DIDN'T WARN YOU
You were sitting on your bed, drawing, Your (eye color) eyes followed the pencil tip that slid across the white paper. The soft gray color slowly started to form a picture.
Your earphones brought music to Your ears, You loved listening to (genre/song) it soothed you and kept the pain away. You always had endless pain filling Your heart, it felt empty as if there was a part of You are missing, you removed the earphones from your ears and you were met by pure silence all you could hear was the cricket in the distance.
You stopped drawing and flipped through Your sketchbook and then pushed it away, when your thoughts took over.
:iconstichesbodybagttags:stichesBodyBagTtags 338 79
Apology - Sherlock x Reader
‘I’m home,’ you call up the stairs of 221B Baker Street.
You lugged the shopping bags with you until you finally reached the flat that you shared with your best friend John and his roommate, Sherlock. You’d been living with them for about 2 months now and you were never bored with the antics that were going on.
‘Thank god you’re back (y/n), I need to go out. Anywhere but here, just make sure he doesn’t blow the place up or something,’ John sighed as he indicated to Sherlock who was lying on the sofa curled up and facing the back of it. John threw his coat on, kissed your cheek and ran out the door before you could even speak.
You sighed and began to move into the kitchen with your shopping. For once there were no experiments or body parts in the kitchen. When you emerged minutes later, Sherlock was still sulking on the sofa.
‘What was that all about?’ you asked quietly, sitting down in Sherlock’s chair. He shifted slight
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 790 113
The Major Magical Arts in Tariel by Levodoom The Major Magical Arts in Tariel :iconlevodoom:Levodoom 256 11 Supernatural tattoo design by MonteyRoo Supernatural tattoo design :iconmonteyroo:MonteyRoo 11 0
Trouble Sleeping
And the nights are hard
the nights are hard
yeah yeah yeah yeah
it sounds like a song
but there's no music
except in how your breath
whistles through your teeth
how your heart throbs out
a drumbeat as you gasp
awake at 6am
having fallen
You laugh and shrug
away those dark circles
and if they dare to press
you have an easy answer
“I just have trouble sleeping”
and it's pretty satisfying
for everyone involved
except the nights are hard
and in some circles
they use sleep
as a form
And the days are harder
the days are harder
yeah yeah yeah
it sounds like a song
except there's no music
but the staccato clatter
of feet on pavement
as you head somewhere
you really need to be
as you untangle
the pm from
the am
:iconkaefullness:Kaefullness 6 6
The Homeless Tale
He has shards of crystals embedded in his heart,
And his rusted wounds bleed from the rose,
He smells like vodka, but he talks as if he engulfs fireballs,
He always brings his broken violin because he has shredded past entwined in his music sheets,
He smiles because the mermaids once brought him down,
And he cries because he has whirlpools and blizzards etched in his ribs.
He's always on the corner of Oxford Street,
He has tattered jeans and he tells me it's trendy,
He has white stubble that trails to his neck like a map to his ragged past,
And his hands were calloused, I know because he grips me tight when I give him lunch,
He's the kind of man capable of lifting the universe, and no, he's not at all pitiful.
-The Homeless Tale
:iconmilk-and-pie:Milk-and-Pie 81 43
half skull face by naawaal half skull face :iconnaawaal:naawaal 14 5 Skeleton Face Paint by DoveMakeup Skeleton Face Paint :icondovemakeup:DoveMakeup 4 2


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